Top Shelf Hydration was created by Jason and Michelle Webb and their good friend Dr. Keith Seto, MD.


They developed this idea after working in the healthcare industry and realizing how important good hydration is to a person's overall health.

Top Shelf was originally started with the idea of providing IV hydration as a hangover relief.  

Soon after, they decided to expand their idea to provide hydration for athletes, health, beauty, and a number of other ailments caused by dehydration.  


Michelle is a registered emergency room nurse and Jason is a firefighter paramedic.

Along with Dr. Seto, they have created a business that is centered around helping their clientele achieve a new level of overall health and wellness. 


*Top Shelf is a firm believer that IV hydration should not in any way replace oral hydration. We provide our service as a supplement to help our clients reach their personal health and wellness goals. 

Top Shelf Hydration is NOT meant for medical emergencies. We are a supplemental service. If you are having a medical emergency please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room for help. 

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